When you need some extra help.


I’ve been an “expert” at JustAnswer since 2009. For anyone who wants to request direct help from me, click the “ask your question” link above and start the question with “For Dustin S. only”. If I cannot solve the issue I will either bring in someone who can, or submit a request for a 100% refund.

With options such as phone support, remote support ( screen sharing ) , chat support, written support , Skype video support and few other options.  There’s always a support method that will work for you, and no problem is too large or too small.

Why I love working at JustAnswer.  If I can’t solve the issue then the client always gets a refund ( as long as they ask for it)   So when I say that I will leave no virtual stone unturned its more than a matter of bragging rights, we’re only credited when we resolve issues.  And that’s helped to hone my problem solving skills to a fine edge.

If you’re tired of paying premium prices for less than premium help. If another tech support outfit told you it would “cost too much” or “couldn’t be fixed”  and you’d like a second opinion. Or if you just want advice on how to do something or an analysis or recommendation for a future purchase, I look forward to seeing your question on JustAnswer.com. Click the banner above and lets get started!

Dustin S.

Senior Technician and Network Switching Systems Operator / Maintainer.